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Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems & Devices

The benefits of monitoring your fleet through CADGPS vehicle tracking devices are many. One benefit of using CADGPS tracking systems and devices, is that you'll know the location of your vehicle within meters at any time for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some of the most common GPS vehicle tracking system benefits are listed below:

  • Increased Productivity
    • Fleet drivers and employees who know they are being monitored by GPS vehicle tracking devices will follow guidelines and take more direct routes to jobs. Statistics shows that companies increase their utilization of their fleet by more than 30% because of reduction in idle time and unnecessary use of the vehicles. This means increased profit
  • Reduced Fleet Fuel Costs
    • Monitoring driving routes, stops, idle time, and speeds with GPS tracking systems allows fleet managers and owners to reduce fuel consumption throughout the fleet
    • Drivers who know they are being monitored by GPS tracking devices change their driving and behavioral patterns to fit within their given rules. Those that do not can be corrected accordingly. Statistics shows a reduction of up to 40% on fuel cost when using GPS tracking system. This means a huge reducing in cost for each vehicle.
  • Improved Safety
    • Poor driving habits can be eliminated or improved as fleet managers and owners audit driving habits and receive automated alerts for speeding with our GPS vehicle tracking systems.
    • Reduce speeding
  • Reduce Private Use
    • Unauthorized Movement Alerts tell when a vehicle moves during non-working hours.
    • Historical route tracking shows if vehicles were taken away from their designated work areas.
  • Improved Customer Service
    • Seeing every fleet vehicle on a single map allows you to route the nearest driver to job sites. This also allows you to predict the time of arrival.
  • Theft Recovery
    • Hidden in the vehicle, the GPS tracking device will continue to work until it is removed from the vehicle. Thus, if a thief does not know the GPS tracking device is installed, the vehicle is being tracked allowing the user to notify police as to the location of their stolen vehicle.
  • Timecard Validation
    • GPS Fleet Tracking systems allow managers and owners to know when drivers arrive and leave job sites

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