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VT 05

VT 05 VT-05

Ever looked the other way when the alarm siren of someone car across the street went off for any reason?

Most people do, which makes car security systems with noisy alarms pretty useless.

Not so with VT-05, an advanced vehicle security system, which reports to you directly with alarm details and GPS location through SMS text messaging and lets you live-track your car over online map or PC tracking program.

Whenever an alarm is triggered at your car or truck, you will instantly receive a text message on your cell phone, with street information and notification of what happened, and you can track your car in case it has been stolen or towed-away;


  • If your vehicle has been moved, car doors have been opened or the battery has been cut off, you will receive instant notification with street name and other location details. Besides, you can interrogate the location of your car through SMS or view it on a map from Internet Website or GPRS phone at any time.
  • The VT-05 comes with an SOS Emergency button, which can be pressed in case of emergencies, accidents or hijacking. Up to 3 Contact numbers will receive notifications and your exact location instantly, and a phone call will be placed automatically to your main contact number.
  • You are able to remote control vehicle security features simply by using your cell phone, activate or disable security, lock or unlock car doors and enable or disable its engine.
  • No matter if you are a single user or If you own a business with one, five or thousands of vehicles on the road, you are able to monitor and track all your vehicles through Tracking Software, online Websites or GPRS enabled cell phones. You can conveniently setup and configure monitoring activities, define restricted Geo-Fence areas or speed limit alerts and setup tracking schedules.
  • And above all, you not even have to replace your existing car alarm. The VT-05 can seamlessly integrate with your original car alarm system and report to you whenever an alarm is triggered.

The complete VT-05 package includes the following parts and accessories:

  • VT-05 main unit
  • Spare Battery to support at least 13 hours lifetime without vehicle battery support
  • GPS antenna
  • GSM antenna
  • 14-PIN Main Cable with Inputs/ Outputs for +12V, Emergency Button, Alarm ACC+, Ignition, Central Lock System
  • 10-PIN Accessory Cable with Inputs/Outputs for Crash Sensors, Alarm Siren and Hands-free phone set
  • Engine immobilizer relay
  • Hands-free Kit

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