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Personal Security
Every time a parent hands over the keys to their teen driver, they worry about the safety and actions of the newest driver in the household - and with good reason.

Drivers in the 16-22 year old age group are involved in more accidents and fatalities than all other age groups combined. Even the best of kids find themselves in difficult situations, due to 3 main factors:

  • Speed - excessive speed is cited as the number one reason for teen accidents/fatalities)
  • Inexperience - a teen's mental and physical development are generally not on par with one another, and many teen drivers simply lack the core experience to successfully negotiate every traffic situation, weather condition, or bump in the road).
  • Peer Pressure - add one or more friends to the car and the distraction can prove fatal. Many teens feel social pressures to show off, speed, or perform dangerous acts behind the wheel to impress their peers.

Will your child be coming home tonight?

This question may sound pointed, but it should be on the minds of every parent whose teen is driving a car. With the aid of GPS and the CADGPS tracking unit you will have assurance and greater peace of mind from always knowing where your teen is and - more importantly - how their vehicle is being driven.

Don't think it can happen to your teen? Don't be so sure. Even though your teen may be the most diligent and law-abiding driver when you're in the car with them, how well will they manage on their own?

Now with the CADGPS tracker, you are - in essence - in the car with your teen: allowing you to lend a helping hand when your teen driver is behind the wheel. We help build trust and respect between parents and their teen drivers so that more freedom can be afforded.


  • Any time of the day or night: receive an instant report of your vehicle's current location, speed and heading.
  • Our network is one of the fastest tracking systems in the world, with reports delivered within 5 seconds of your request.
  • Enables you to set unlimited geo-fencing (that you define) around your vehicle: you will be alerted if your vehicle leaves or enters a defined location.
  • Unrivalled accuracy: our device pinpoints the location of your vehicle within 2 to 5 metres (depending on the number of satellites in range)
  • Crash sensor or Panic button can trigger e-mail or SMS alerts.
  • The device is installed underneath the dashboard, concealed from view
  • The reporting and alert functions are accessible 24/7 via the Internet. Email or SMS alerts are also transmitted at your request.
  • Vehicle Location History Request - Access location and event history.
  • Low battery notification - alerting you if your vehicle's battery dips below 10.5 volts (or any other voltage you define)
  • Mileage notification - system reminds you at set maintenance intervals that you determine.
  • Archived history is available on the CADGPS.COM website.
  • Optional Extras are: installations of a crash sensor, panic button, and/ or remote door lock / unlock features

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